Our Sustanability Policy

Providing translation and localisation services isn’t the only thing we do. We consider sustainability as being the next big thing and an important factor in day-to-day business activities. Ensuring sustainable ways of work and guaranteeing the provision of services that meet your expectations are a fundamental part of our operations.

Our purpose

We care about supporting businesses and organisations that want to make an impact to the Greek market through their products and services and to convey their vision in the Greek language. It is important for us that the people we work with share the same principles and goals when it comes to applying sustainable methods in their line of work, protecting the environment and helping people, especially those in need.

Our commitment

e-Cert Translations is a small business with big goals. We believe that every business, whether big or small, is responsible to trying to make a positive difference in the world. And we want to do that with words, as conveyors of your message to the world.

Our social, environmental and economic responsibility lies in providing language services that ensure innovation, forward-thinking and leadership in order to address the issues that are of importance to us and our stakeholders.

Environmental responsibility

We live in a world suffering from climate change and going green is significant. For this reason, we try keeping our negative impact to the environment low by:

  • keeping everything as digital as possible, cutting down printing to the minimum necessary and using recycled paper for our daily needs;
  • switching off all electronic equipment (computers, printers, etc.) when not in use;
  • carrying out meetings via teleconferencing platforms instead of in-person ones to the extent possible;
  • moving around using public transport and bicycles or walking when having to get to nearby destinations;
  • reducing and separating waste and recycling as much as possible;
  • making great efforts in the responsible consumption of coffee and tea (to which we cannot easily say ‘no’ to).

Social responsibility and not-for-profit service provision

We see translation as the means to reach out to the world. Therefore, it is imperative for us that all important messages find their way to their intended audience, especially those who are in need and can’t afford it.

In order to make this happen, we offer our services free of charge to not-for-profit organisations that are on low or non-existent budget, but keen on sharing their message, raising awareness and assisting people and groups of people that may be suffering from difficult to treat illnesses, are not able to make ends meet and are in great need.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Whether big or small, diversity and inclusion matter at all levels more than ever before.

Although e-Cert Translations is a small language services provider, it is important for us to be open to everyone, aiming at gender, ethnic and cultural diversity, prioritising inclusion alongside it, in every area of day-to-day business, with our colleagues, our vendors, our suppliers, our customers and our future employees. Our objective is to build and foster an ecosystem, in which D&I is part of the way we operate and of our culture and not just another policy we simply have to go over every now and then.

Inclusion matters

Our D&I policy is based on the triple bottom line of ‘Equality – Openness – Belonging’. These three principles determine our work and every interaction with other people during our contact with every stakeholder identified throughout our workflow.

Equality refers to ensuring fair and transparent processes in terms of collaboration, recruitment and pay. We consider equal opportunities a requirement in order to ensure greater engagement, better work conditions and positive response from all stakeholders.

Openness is our way of ensuring a culture where people treat others with mutual respect and building a work environment that is welcoming and open to promoting constructive discussion and to receiving feedback.

Belonging is what we consider as the result of the creation of an ecosystem (both internal and external) that guarantees commitment, collaboration opportunities and support of everyone’s well-being, while investing on developing a sense of community and connection with each other.

Our efforts focus on creating the ideal circumstances where all stakeholders can further develop and work on building a growth mindset.

Collaborations and responsibility towards others

When it comes to working with others, we are generally committed to:

  • treating people associated with the company with fairness and equality;
  • raising awareness of responsible work ethics and principles among all stakeholders of the company;
  • developing and cultivating a culture of respect and sustainability-oriented actions.

Finally, our main objective is to ensure the overall, long-term sustainability of our business by achieving our primary business objectives.

As these business objectives may change over time, we make sure that our sustainability policy is reviewed on an annual basis to fulfill them.